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Juniper OS – Opening a Window into a Box of Surprises

Posted on: Jul 17, 2017 | Author: John Milford

It’s starting to seem a lot like Christmas. Cheerful trees, lively illumination, and decorative ornaments are appearing all around. Beautifications like laurels, stockings, gingerbread houses, and advent calendars have become a common spectacle.  

Juniper OS – Opening a Window into a Box of Surprises

Advent calendars are employed all over the world to count down the days remaining to Christmas.  First utilized by German Lutherans to keep a tab on the track the “advent” in the direction of the most significant holiday in the year, advent calendars have now become a universal Christmas adornment in many homes all over the globe.

Advent calendars usually take the shape of a big quadrilateral card with having a certain quantity of windows. Each window indicates a day in December leading up to Christmas.  Every day one of these windows is opened to show a hidden treasure, which can be a verse, story, picture, toy, or, most usually, a chocolate delicacy.

In a manner, Juniper’s Junos OS is similar to an advent calendar.

The appearance of open-source toolkits, virtualization technologies, and DevOps procedures has marshaled in a new age of modernization. Service providers and companies alike now must possess a network operating system which is open, super programmable, and have a malleable structural design which reacts to ever-changing marketing circumstances.

Junos OS was a chief disruption to the networking business when it was launched 20 years back, and it endures to be the industry’s foremost Operating System today. Juniper has made it simpler than ever before to benefit from the power of control, automation, and orchestration via uninterrupted access to the Junos OS control plane existing on Juniper routing and switching equipment, whether by using the Juniper Extension Toolkit (JET) or effortlessly via a broad range of open-source automation toolkits like Puppet, Chef, Ansible, Snabb, and Salt. Junos also provisions support for PyEZ, a micro framework for Python created by Juniper, which allows developers to remotely tailor and automate equipment running Junos.

Similar to an advent calendar, Junos supplies a differentiated window behind what is a new and delightful surprise giving you the ability to truly automate your networking environment.

There are limitless opportunities with Juniper’s automation.  Please see the Automation Use Cases at Juniper Networks for further information.

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