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Juniper OS is Adding Automation and Analytics to the Most Scalable Routers

Posted on: Jul 17, 2017 | Author: John Milford

Service providers today are faced with continuing challenges to develop and supply cutting edge services—at a huge scale, and with budgets which are falling way behind the excessively high end demands. A key to surviving in this extreme environment is available in the form of super scalable, cutting edge routing equipment which takes into account massive bandwidth requirements, large numbers of subscribers, and service expansion, while also supplying the base for a DevOps setting which is able to fully utilize the power of business analytics and enterprise processes automation.

Juniper OS is Adding Automation and Analytics to the Most Scalable Routers

Junos Provides Scalable Investments for Long Term Advantages

Provided the rapid speed of revolutionary changes and the downward pressures which rivalry has retained on telecommunications connectivity and services price structures, old-style “rip and replace” updates are no longer an economically feasible choice. In its place, service providers must concentrate on substructure investments which assure the users of swiftness and scalability to increase their return on investment (ROI).

At the network edge, service-focused routers which have been purpose-built for investment-protection scale provide a practical way forward. These modular edge routers empower the simple addition of upgraded switch fabrics, routing engines, and line cards which allow service providers enhanced capacity and the capability to benefit from emerging technologies—without necessitating a huge forklift network upgrade.

Enhancing Operations to Maximize ROI

In tandem with investments in potent, scalable edge routers, service providers can enhance return-on-investment (ROI) by updating their operational environs. Physically exhaustive services conception and provisioning procedures are not fast enough for the modern day market realities, and operations expenditures are quickly outstripping revenue expansion. A DevOps methodology to operations can address these challenges. Fruitful DevOps practices utilize processes automation and analytical tools which are completely incorporated into the network.

  • Automation assists service providers in creating and delivering network-centric services without the delay, expense, and risks related to old style manual operations; it also supplies APIs and standards-based protocols which minimize integration and interoperability problems with 3rd-party apps and back-office systems.
  • Analytical abilities provide effective new methods of monitoring, enhancing, and monetizing the network, utilizing real-time awareness for fundamentals, subscribers, and applications.


Juniper has been working closely with service providers all over the world to assist them in succeeding in their respective ferociously competitive, ever-growing industry models. Juniper endeavors to revolutionize aggressively to produce solutions powered for robust business outcomes. Juniper’s incessant endeavors have resulted in new, investment-safeguarding performance and scale improvements for the industry-leading MX Series 3D Universal Edge Router portfolio. Juniper has also launched automation and analytical tools like the Juniper Extension Toolkit for Junos OS, which streamlines 3rd-party application assimilation with Juniper OS, and the Junos Telemetry Interface, which provides high-frequency telemetry statistics for performance monitoring and enhancement tools.

Via these exciting new features, Juniper arms service providers with a robust set of benefits to assist them in maximizing the ROI and stay ahead of their competitors: investment-safeguarding scalability for immense expansion, and a simplified operations environment. Working in tandem, these features assist service providers in getting more value out of their corporate networks today and well into the future.

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