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Synopsis of Juniper Operating System - Junos OS

Posted on: Jul 14, 2017 | Author: John Milford

Defined by ease of use and novelty, Junos OS is the singular operating system (OS) which powers Juniper’s vast range of physical and virtual networking and network protection equipment. Designed with more than 20 years of dependability, protection expertise, and flexible outlooks at its foundation level, it runs a few of of the world’s most cutting edge network installations, providing operatives a viable lead over other comparable network operating systems. Junos OS powers networking processes via efficient meticulousness, makes sure of operational productivity, and frees up prized time and resources for further top-line growth prospects.

Synopsis of Juniper Operating System - Junos OS

Juniper’s OS in the Data Center

On data center platforms, Junos OS has been disaggregated and runs in a virtualized Linux setting. Containerized applications and other virtualized guest operating systems are able to live together on the same CPU compound. These systems supply a secure Linux setting for system collaboration and an open platform for 3rd-party application assimilation. Low-level APIs enhance programmability and telemetry functionalities. The APIs are visible for application developers and system automation, greatly enhancing your privileged access to the controlling, administration, and data planes.

Automation Tools

Developed with DevOps in mind, Junos OS assimilates with ease into your application development settings. It contains flexible programmability, scripting support, open APIs, and current instrumentation structures, while supplying you with flexible choices for DevOps-style adminstration and unceasing services delivery. Junos OS provides protected programming user interfaces and the Juniper Extension Toolkit (JET) for creating applications which can unlock more values from the corporate network.

JET is a normal constituent of Junos OS, and it runs on all of the Juniper switches, routers, and security hardware. JET makes simple the automation of operative and configuration chores, supplying a diverse set of open and customizable APIs. It provides support for homogenous programming languages for the purpose of application development and communication with the Junos OS rapid programmable database via consistent and open data exchange designs.

Node Slicing

Junos OS provides support for the conjunction of numerous simultaneous network functionalities on the same physical infrastructure via Junos Node Slicing. This ability empowers service providers to enhance their network infrastructures while providing different services on a singular chassis. By decoupling networking software from the fundamental infrastructure, Junos Node Slicing hastens service installation, minimizes capital outlays, and enhances operational productivity.

Providing of Streamlined Control and High Availability

Service providers can utilize Junos Fusion to minimize networking intricacy and operational expenditures by breaking up the causal networking elements into a singular, logical point of control from Junos OS routing platforms. Junos Fusion is completely interoperable with 3rd-party solutions and is extendible to software-defined networking (SDN) control. For the best uptimes and high availabilities, Junos Continuity supplies the capability to present new hardware developments for preexisting routers and switches short of long software requalification time. It essentially eradicates downtimes for infrastructure upgrades.

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