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HP C7975W LTO, Ultrium-5, , 7A, 1.5TB/3TB, WORM, TAA View larger

HP C7975W LTO, Ultrium-5, 7A, 1.5TB/3TB, WORM, TAA



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HP C7975W LTO, Ultrium-5,  7A, 1.5TB/3TB, WORM, TAA


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Detailed Specifications

HP C7975W LTO, Ultrium-5,  7A, 1.5TB/3TB, WORM, TAA

Overview :

The HP C7975W LTO-5 Ultrium 3TB WORM Data Cartridge is designed to deliver reliable data protection with enhanced security features, ensuring optimal utilization of capacity and a favorable return on investment (ROI). Specifically engineered for use with LTO-5 drives, this tape cartridge utilizes advanced technology to achieve high-speed data transfer rates and superior data integrity. Ideal for demanding data storage environments, it offers robust encryption capabilities and a durable design to minimize wear and tear, ensuring long-term reliability.

Key Features

  • Storage Capacity: Offers a native capacity of 1.5TB and a compressed capacity of 3.0TB, providing ample space for data backup and archival needs.

  • WORM Technology: Write-Once, Read-Many (WORM) capability ensures data integrity and security by preventing alteration or deletion of stored data.

  • High-Speed Performance: Utilizes LTO-5 Ultrium tape drive technology with a transfer rate of 280MB per second, using a linear format of 1,280 tracks and writing 16 tracks simultaneously.

  • Smart Grabber Mechanism: Features a smart grabber mechanism and mechanical interlock to prevent leader pin mishaps, enhancing tape reliability during operation.

  • Data Encryption: Offers built-in data encryption for enhanced data security, safeguarding sensitive information stored on the cartridge.

  • Durable Design: Metal particle cartridge construction ensures durability and longevity, supporting reliable data storage and retrieval.

Specifications :

Product Name HP C7975W LTO-5 Ultrium 3TB WORM Data Cartridge
Description LTO 5 Ultrium 3TB WORM Data Cartridge
Designed For Use only with LTO-5 Drives
Technology HP LTO-5 Ultrium tape drive technology
Tracks Linear format with 1,280 tracks, writes 16 tracks simultaneously
Transfer Rate (Native) 280 MB/s
Data Format Serpentine pattern
Tape Direction Reverses direction after each set of 16 tracks
Smart Mechanism Smart grabber and mechanical interlock prevent leader pin issues
Leader Detection Sensors detect proper connection to prevent leader loss
Data Encryption Offers data encryption for enhanced security
Tape Path Simplified to reduce wear and tear
Capacity Native: 1.5TB, Compressed: 3TB (assuming 2:1 compression)
Recording Density 343 kbits per inch
Physical Characteristics
Tape Length 2775.59 ft
Recording Capacity 1.5TB/3TB
Warranty Limited Lifetime
LTO Technology LTO-5
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