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Quantum DLTtape VS1 Backup Tape Cartridge 80GB /160 GB View larger

Quantum MR-V1CQN-01 DLTtape VS1 Backup Tape Cartridge 80GB /160 GB



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Quantum MR-V1CQN-01 DLTtape VS1 Backup Tape Cartridge 80GB /160 GB


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Detailed Specifications

MR-V1CQN-01 Overview

Quantum MR-V1CQN-01 DLTtape VS1 Backup Tape Cartridge 80GB /160 GB

DLTtape VS1 delivers value like no other media in its class. DLTtape VS1 is the media used on the DLT VS160 and DLT-V4 tape drives. Quantum DLTtape VS1 media exceeds expectations by using the latest magnetic and mechanical innovations to deliver high capacity and a low cost per gigabyte (GB). DLTtape VS1 media boasts a capacity of up to 160GB native and 320GB compressed – so customers can focus on protecting their data rather than managing more tapes. DLTtape VS1 media can be used with DLT VS160 and DLT-V4 tape drives, providing a flexible solution for either high-performance or value-level server platforms. This outstanding versatility makes DLTtape VS1 the quality choice for many applications – from desktops to data centers.

MR-V1CQN-01 Technical Specification

DLT VS160 – Cleaning Cartridge Data Tape

General Information
Product Type Cleaning Data Cartridge
Manufacturer Part Number MR-V1CQN-01
Manufacturer Quantum Corporation
Product Name DLT VS160 Cleaning Cartridge
Brand Name Quantum
Technical Information
Tape Technology DLT tape VS1
Compressed Storage Capacity Compressed 160GB
Native Storage Capacity Native 80GB

Quantum DLT VS160 Cleaning Cartridge (MR-V1CQN-01)
Part Number: MR-V1CQN-01
Manufacturer: Quantum
Manufacturer Part No: MR-V1CQN-01
As DLT tape drives and media have improved, the need for head cleaning has reduced significantly. However, environmental factors, cleanliness of operating locations and high duty cycles can impact drive performance. When cleaning is needed, specially formulated cleaning cartridges can keep DLT tape drives running strong. DLT tape cleaning cartridges are designed to ensure the right level of care for each specific DLT tape drive head. Cartridges work in conjunction with cleaning algorithms in the tape drives firmware to ensure that performance and reliability are not compromised. Why take risks with your mission-critical data? Keep your DLT tape drives at optimal performance with DLT tape cleaning cartridges.

Five important cleaning tips

1. Always clean drives when cleaning is indicated through the cleaning light or through the backup software. The drive constantly monitors its performance and will trigger cleaning events.

2. Only use a cleaning cartridge when cleaning is indicated through your backup software, or when the drive's cleaning light is illuminated. Cleaning on a preset schedule, rather than when requested by the drive, leads to excessive wear, diminishing drive life and performance.

3. Using a cleaning cartridge more than 20 times results in ineffective head cleaning. Always mark the label on your cleaning cartridge. After the cartridge has been used 20 times, it must be retired.

Quantum DLT data tape media is manufactured to the highest levels of quality control to ensure low error rates, high performance and long-term durability. With a proven 30-year archive life, Quantum DLT data tape cartridges allow you to archive your data with confidence. The Quantum DLT tape media family offers you more choices to better manage your data over time. Because of a commitment to backward compatibility, you'll be able to upgrade to the higher capacity SDLT600 tape drive without leaving your critical data behind. Using Super DLT tape II media in a SDLT 600 drive, backing up 600 GB is faster and more reliable than ever.

Recording Capacity DLT VS160 - 80GB Uncompressed/160GB Compressed DLT-V4 - 160GB Uncompressed/320GB Compressed
Magnetic Material Advanced Metal Particle
Media durability Up to 200 uses
Archival Storage Life 30 Years
Warranty Limited Lifetime
DLT Technology DLT-VS-1
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